Cowboys and Indians, Annie Oakley

Screenprint on Lenox Museum Board.


36" x 36"

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Edition of 250, 50 AP, 15 PP, 15 HC, 10 numbered in Roman numerals, signed and numbered in pencil lower left. There are 36 TP signed and numbered in pencil, containing the following four addirional prints: War Bonnet Indian, Buffalo Nickel, Action Picture, and Sitting Bull. The TP of Kachina Dolls are signed and numbered in pencil lower right.

Warhol's series Cowboys and Indians (1986). Though not as well known as his other work, these prints are significant in their illumination of America's collective mythicizing of the West.

Warhol reworks a photo of America's foremost markswoman wearing the many medals which her expertise earned. The artist reddens the figure's lips and stains her hair blue-violet but retains the clarity of her gaze directed steadily toward the left. Billed as "Miss Annie Oakley, the Peerless Lady Wing-Shot," Phebe Anne Oakley Moses (1860-1926) toured the country in "Buffalo Bill's Wild West" show. As part of her act, she aimed at a dime tossed into the air and at the thin edge of a playing card, these exploits contributing in the popular imagination to the glorification of the West.


Portfolio of ten screenprints.

Printer: Rupert Jasen Smith, New York Publisher: Gaultney, Klineman Art, Inc., New York

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